Omega & Triton High-Speed Bun Make-Up Systems

    The Emico Omega & Triton High-Speed Bun Make-Up System offers the newest patented devices within the most troubled areas of the systems offered by the competition. The Emico High-Speed Bun Make-Up System offers multiple benefits which include a new extrusion divider equipped with dough-screw feed and a paddle unit to final texture the dough for your processing needs. Available in multiple port configuration. This also includes a mated dough pump, and our new dough manifold with individual gated flow control valves down stream for each port tube, allowing the operator to adjust the scaling flow of each port without interfering with the other port pockets. The dough knife unit is equipped with individual teflon adjustable cut-off knives. The rounder unit is cantilevered designed for easy product belt removal as well as tilt-up rounder bars assembly with motorized driven transfer rollers to the zig-zag board. The zig-zag board is equipped with individual UHMW adjustable dual guides. Product dough balls drop into our patented direct proofer driven zig-zag rotary-gate.

    Tray proofer conveyor is supplied with stainless steel deep pocket trays. Sheeter rollers are of stainless steel construction with new delrin spring adjusted roller scrapers. Sheeter roller drop gates are equipped with Emico patented individually adjustable rotary gate for each channel driven by a servo system. The moulder belt assembly is declined by design for pan clearance underneath and is direct driven from the discharge roller. Emico has eliminated the industry's standard, old fashioned, and usually noisy flapper-dog gates, with a newly patented servo driven rotary gate unit. Panning is as simple as A, B, C with Emico's patented high-speed magnetic bun pan-indexer. Pan conveyor features a low noise resistant delrin belting. Equipment frames and shafts are of stainless steel construction. The Emico Omega & Triton Systems are designed to operator friendly, sanitation friendly and maintenance friendly.

Features & Benefits:
  • All new patented roller gates located at zig-zag board, sheeter dough drop, and wiener drop.
  • Stainless steel construction with options for wash down duty bearings.
  • Newly designed divider with high accuracy scaling and up to 140 cuts per minute.
  • Capacity up to 5,500 lb/hr.
  • Scaling range from 1oz. to 5oz.
  • Speed ranges from 70 to 140 CPM, or 280 up to 1120 pieces per minute.
  • Standard equipment includes:
    • New Allen Bradley Contrologix platform with new RSLogix 5000 software
    • Allen Bradley Device-Net control drives
    • Allen Bradley Operator Interface PanelView
    • Patented EMCIO-2150 Magnetic Pan Indexer

Nine Major Components:
  • Superior designed Extrusion Bun Divider
  • Patented zig-zag direct driven by Tray Proofer Rotary Gate
  • Tray type intermediate proofer
  • Stainless steel Sheeter Rollers
  • Patented servo driven Sheeter Dough delivery Rotary-Gates individually adjustable
  • Patented servo driven Moulder Dog-Gate
  • Patented panner equipped with our High-Speed Magnetic Pan-Indexer
  • New Allen Bradley ControLogix Hardware/Software equipped with recipe management and CIP module
  • Integrated with the newest Class 4 Digital Safety System